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BuildBear is a well-funded Web3 startup with a mission to revolutionize development and testing of Web3 Applications, by eliminating the in-efficiencies in the development cycle, thus, cutting down unnecessary time-cost and achieving faster ‘release-to-market’. 

Founded by Dipesh Sukhani, the creator of, a trailblazer in the world of web3 and smart contract solutions, who has been at the forefront of web3 development since 2017, paving the way for groundbreaking innovations. Co-founded by Emanuel, a passionate web3 developer, contributor to the Async Rust, and creator of Valerie.

We empower Web3 Application owners, Web3 Application Developers, and Core Smart Contract Developers, turning their dreams into reality with seamless, supercharged interactions, and rapid application deployment. We are mentored and invested by veterans of the web3 world from Typechain,,, to name a few.

We are a passionate tech first, quality driven hyper growth organization that is invested in building careers and technical expertise of its employees. 

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