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Crypto is in its infancy. It is messy, volatile, challenging, and untrustworthy. Investors and traders are hungry for opportunities and want to maximize returns during this once-in-a-lifetime exponential wealth transfer. Determining how to properly position themselves, allocate their portfolios, and identify what to invest in is next to impossible with how fast the space moves.

Most resort to reactive behaviours and buy into projects at the wrong time or by following online "guru" or being overly emotional and uneducated.

To actually make informed, proactive, educated decisions and have both a macro and micro level awareness of the industry as one individual person is impossible.

And that’s where Collective Shift comes in. We know that no one person can do this alone, and believe in the power of the collective, our community. Together, with our world-class expert investors, research analysts, passionate team, and dedicated members — we can virtually guarantee our collective success.

The opportunity here is undeniable. No technology in recorded history has ever been adopted faster than cryptocurrency, including the internet itself. We must come together to give people exactly what they need to succeed as we build a new future.

This changes daily, and that is why our members mean the world to us. We listen, iterate, and evolve at lightning pace to ensure we continuously provide what they need.

Our vision is simple — to democratize crypto insights and education to millions, so they, in turn, can earn millions and have the power to shape a brighter more exciting future for all.

In October 2020 we launched our education & research platform that now hosts over 3,000 members. Collective Shift gives investors and traders access to a suite of tools, expert daily insights, opportunity alerts, and a thriving community.  We’re looking to rapidly scale up our company to deliver our platform on a global scale. 

We're focused, and demand excellence, but there's laughter in every meeting because we thoroughly enjoy the work we do and the impact it has. We're constantly growing, learning, adapting, and trying new things. Choc-chip biscuits, caramel pudding and coffee are a few of our favourite things.

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