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JOIN OUR RESEARCH TEAM! LEARN TO INVEST WITH PROFESSIONALS D-CORE (Decentralized Comprehensive Objective Research Engine) is our effort to effectively bridge old-school finance with the blockchain technology revolution.

Using cooperation economics, we've put together an extensive team of researchers and experts with a vision in mind: Creating fair and trusted research that fuels investment into the most innovative decentralised and blockchain-based projects.

In alliance with tech disruptor Oracle-D, we've developed a proprietary research platform to source information and connect researchers from all around the globe. This platform, which is fully operational, has been in development for the last 18 months, and is now ready to begin powering this vision to overcome traditional finance's hesitations.

  • Join a team of 200+dedicated researchers
  • Access unique investment opportunities and rounds
  • Receive a % of the profits from the investments of the management team
  • Positively impact and disrupt finance in society.

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