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Over the course of a five day sprint, we raised over $40m from 17,000 people to bid on a copy of the US Constitution at auction. Within a few tense, stomach-churning minutes, our hopeful anxiety turned to disappointment - we had lost.

It became clear in the days leading up to the auction that the tools for building DAOs were inflexible and holding us back. All on-chain actions, from a $40M transfer to FTX, to just simply sending $100, required the same excessive effort and massive coordination from multiple people all over the world. This slowed us down and made an already stressful situation more painful and anxiety-inducing. We started Den to tackle these pain points head-on.

What is Den?

Den is the financial account for crypto-native teams. Den helps teams manage their funds safely and execute on-chain transactions fast. Without Den, teams waste days executing multi-sig transactions. Today, our product is in private beta where we serve some of the most exciting and potentially-transformative DAOs in the world.

Our mission is to transition the world to the crypto economy. Den will be the home base for more than $18T in deposits that will move on-chain over the next 10 years. We will start by serving crypto-native organizations, expanding to traditional businesses, and eventually to nation states. We’re a well-funded team that is backed by some of the most successful organizations and individuals in web3.

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