The correct application of fiduciary professionalism, DeFi - blockchain technology (DLT), digital-asset "tokenization," thought leadership, political & legal constructivism, and traditional finance.

With FATExDEX on Harmony blockchain, the DAO uses the best parts of DLT and true DeFi and adds what is missing: price stability, low-cost, exponential hyper-monetization, common sense...

A Neo-DeFi DAO FinTech usurper & economic-equalizer: ESG, transparency & universal wealth.

FATExDEX mainnet (app.FATEx.io) is on the Harmony blockchain. FATE is the token to the DAO vote. Capital is what is pooled --- when it's done, traditional banking is too.

The DAO focuses on rapidly evolving into a high-yield, digital depository supported by monetization financial service & product channels that shift away from crypto-centric emission schemes - to create seamless, border-fiat-agnostic, one-peg FX solution(s) that also serve as investment and high yield trade instruments - adventing DLT-tokenization market penetration where peer-to-peer finance blends high-fidelity, security, and complies with 3rd party risk review & regulatory oversight.

Smart tech. hard & soft - collateralized algo-stabilized baskets, that take mobile banking into digital neo-DeFi, non-custodial liquidity wealth generation - and the future of capital resource allocation is controlled intelligently.

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