Folder Protocol

Folder Protocol (Folder Token) is constructed to function as a second -layer Filecoin's mainnet network, seeking to safely store and send larger batches of data more adequately. Folder Protocol's network benefits the users for the quicker retrieval and wider distribution of content, anyone can voluntarily and actively contribute to the Folder Protocol ecosystem by node operating, miningm and offering storages.

Most IPFS networks currently in service have concerns such as web servers shutting down unexpectedly, network to the web server getting lost, and networks frequently losing files. Furthermore, those networks are not apted to retrieve large files.

Folder Protocol's technology hosts petabyte level of data sets distributed, enables large-scale data computing across organizations as well as able to support high-volume, high definition, real-time media streaming, supports versionong and linking for large datasets and prevents essential file loss problems caused by an accident.

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