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The medicinal cannabis production industry is well and truly on the radar of lawmakers in various jurisdictions. The plethora of positive scientific research regarding the health benefits of cannabis has made it impossible for governments to ignore. Forward thinking jurisdictions have either granted permission for use of medicinal cannabis or they have commenced pilot programs permitting pharmaceutical companies to supply cannabis related products to patients.

The objective of the Grow Token is to decentralize the cultivation of medicinal cannabis, and the payment and distribution of related products on the blockchain. Grow holders will have exclusive access to the already developed platform. The Grow community will be at the forefront of a fledgling industry which is on the cusp of receiving a massive shot of photosynthesis through the rollback of prohibition of cannabis for medicinal purposes in a wide number of global jurisdictions.

We aim to completely decentralized the traditional medicinal cannabis production and distribution process, through blockchain innovation, community crowd-sourcing cooperation via staking and rewards generation through the deployment of proprietary blockchain technologies.

The key utility components of the Grow token are:
• GROW - as a Grow token holder you will be a member of the Grow community and are entitled to exclusive access to the platform which is the foundation of the decentralized community s medicinal cannabis production program, as well as being vested in the interests and security of the platforms objectives.
• GROWERS - your decentralized, community driven, and socially interactive medicinal cultivation anddistribution platform. On platform utilities for the Grow token include access and staking for the benefit of the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.

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