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Inverse Finance logo is a suite of permissionless decentralized finance tools governed by Inverse DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization running on the Ethereum blockchain.

The main products are Anchor, DOLA and DCA Vaults

  • Anchor is a money market and synthetic asset protocol enabling capital efficient borrowing & lending

  • DOLA is a stablecoin token that tracks the price of $1. DOLA can be minted by using other assets on Anchor as collateral and can also be used itself as collateral to borrow other assets on Anchor.

  • DCA Vaults enable you to invest your tokens into yield bearing strategies while continuously buying the asset of your choice with the proceeds, allowing you to dollar-cost-average (DCA) into an asset such as ETH, WBTC or YFI over time. is governed and run by its community of token holders (numbering over 2000 holders) and elected delegates. Join the friendly and collaborative INVader community on Discord and help build the new financial order πŸ‘Ύ

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