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Litheum is a high-performance, fully-decentralized and open Tier 1 Blockchain. The project is just getting started.

We have a completely innovative consensus algorithm. We are raising private investment now and planning an IDO in the next 3-6 months.

Our consensus algorithm is unlike any other, and offers the potential to compete at the highest level. As an early hire, you’ll be working on green fields to lay down the core software that we believe will be defining the future of Blockchain.

Our chain is built upon the philosophy that Blockchains must be designed from Economic First Principles. This approach has yielded a design with very interesting capabilities, such as incentivized APIs and very high throughput, all without compromising on decentralization.

The project is led by two founders, one with over 15 years experience in software engineering, including a Senior Engineer position at Google and Director of Engineering for a successful blockchain project, the other with a doctorate in management and experience developing and managing multi-billion-dollar international projects across Africa and Asia.

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