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What is Lobby Governance?

$LBY is a governance token that powers and secures the Lobby DAO. Holders of $LBY can vote on proposals for Lobby DAO as well as all future products within the Lobby DAO ecosystem.

We founded Lobby to keep DeFi the vibrant, innovative, decentralized community it was born to be. The greatest threat we face today may be our own success. In the space of a few short years, DeFi has grown so big and so important that the world’s governments are taking notice. One way or another, regulation is coming.

We’re here to ensure that government regulation actually works to enhance DeFi. To do that, we’ve invented decentralized lobbying. LBY token holders will participate in discussions shaping policy advocacy and vote on marching orders to lobbyists. Working together as a community, we will ensure that our voices are heard wherever legislators or regulators convene to write the rules of DeFi.

Our efforts will remain true to some core principles. Fidelity to these principles is critical to maintaining the integrity of DeFi. Like any other revolutionary innovation, DeFi will ruffle the feathers of some very powerful players. Threatened incumbents are notorious for trying to stifle innovation, and when that fails for trying to take it over and redirect it. Fixed core principles are central to keeping DeFi safe from both avenues of attack.

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