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LUKSO Blockchain a next generation EVM blockchain based on Casper PoS and the foundation for the coming New Creative Economy - revolutionising the way we interact with Blockchains through the next level of smart contract standards (LSPs). 

We work towards digitalisation and virtualisation of social media, Fashion, Lifestyle and other creative industries through Blockchain Technology.

We believe in inclusive, equally empowered communities defining new ways of living, producing and consuming, creating and generating a positive impact across industries and societies. Partnering up with pioneers of the Fashion & Lifestyle industry, LUKSO aims at democratising Blockchain in easy and fast forward ways. Based in Berlin, we are global team building for a global audience of new users of the web3.

We are looking for motivated and passionate people all around the planet with high soft and hard skills, that are up to the task of building out the web3 and the apps that power it.

LUKSO is created by former Ethereum Developer Fabian Vogelsteller, author of ERC20 and web3.js - both of which are the foundation for today’s #DeFi protocols, as well as well known Brand Architect Marjorie Hernandez. LUKSO is currently being developed by 40+ people.

If you have what it takes, join us! 🚀

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