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Our client modernizes capital markets for asset managers, banks and SMEs. The product suite is akin to a “Shopify” and includes issuance, secondary trading, automated compliance, cap table management and custody. All products can be white labeled to allow anyone to become their own issuer and market operator. They offer a comprehensive blockchain solution that reduces 50-70% of administrative overhead in middle and back offices by automating compliance, reporting, data reconciliation, cap table management, corporate actions, liquidity & more.

The mission is to democratize access to capital markets and create an efficient financial system that affords equal opportunity to all market participants. The product will be in beta stage in July 2021 and anticipates being awarded MAS licensing in Singapore by the end of Q3 2021.

Launched in September 2018, the company raised $7.5M in a seed round. With the global headquarters in Singapore and the European headquarters is in Frankfurt, they have a globally distributed team of 11 people based in the US, Europe and Asia. Now it's time to start building Global marketing channels and actively approach clients in the institutional finance sector, including asset managers, banks and SMEs.

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