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Mars Protocol Foundation is a not-for-profit research and development firm dedicated to building and advancing credit protocol primitives in the growing digital asset market.

Over the last three years we have built up a team of passionate degens, ex-financers, researchers, developers, quantitative analysts and designers. Our team is dispersed over Asia, Europe and South America working in a remote-first environment. We also regularly get together for in-person events which help us to align and strategise our focus.

Previously incubated as part of Delphi Labs and the larger Delphi Digital group, Mars Protocol Foundation has been formed to focus exclusively on credit primitives R&D going forward.

At Mars Protocol Foundation, we believe in DeFi and the improvements it can bring towards more transparent, efficient and available financial systems. Our goal is to continue to drive the crypto asset space forward through our R&D contribution. If this sounds like what you want to spend day and night thinking about, we’d love to chat.

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