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    The native zkEVM

  • Syndr cover imageSyndr logo


    World's 1st institutional-grade hybrid layer3 exchange for Crypto

  • TITLES logoTITLES logo


    Creative tools powered by artist-trained AI models.

  • Revest Finance cover imageRevest Finance logo

    Revest Finance

    Builders of the Revest Protocol, an open-state platform for trustless transfers of locked value

  • Autonomy Network cover imageAutonomy Network logo

    Autonomy Network

    The future of automation is here.

  • ZenonOrg cover imageZenonOrg logo


    Zenon knows doers are unrecruitable, so it gave them a leaderless network.

  • UMA cover imageUMA logo


    UMA is an Optimistic Oracle for Web3. Decentralized finance (DeFi) contracts built to make financial markets universally fair and accessible.

  • Mimo cover imageMimo logo


    A DeFi protocol that offers the first EUR decentralized stablecoin, the Parallel token (PAR).

  • Term Structure logoTerm Structure logo

    Term Structure

    Making DeFi Complete

  • CAP

  • Siren cover imageSiren logo


    Earn Smarter with DeFi Options

  • Mina Protocol cover imageMina Protocol logo

    Mina Protocol

  • prePO cover imageprePO logo


    The decentralized pre-IPO & pre-token trading platform.

  • Web3Auth cover imageWeb3Auth logo



    Simple self-custodial auth infra for Web3 appsapps and wallets

  • Bridgesplit cover imageBridgesplit logo


    Building the decentralized finance stack for unique assets on Solana

  • Blockswap network cover imageBlockswap network logo

    Blockswap network

    An ecosystem for end users and web3 developers to access and create protocols which utilize multichain assets.

  • Talent Protocol cover imageTalent Protocol logo

    Talent Protocol

    The web3 professional network where anyone can discover and invest in high-potential talent.

  • Bluejay Finance cover imageBluejay Finance logo

    Bluejay Finance


    Capital efficient protocol for non-USD multi-currency stablecoins

  • Venue One cover imageVenue One logo

    Venue One

    Decentralized Prediction Protocol

  • VCRED cover imageVCRED logo


    Disrupting deFi through automation.

  • Connext cover imageConnext logo


    Connext powers fast, secure bridging between blockchains and rollups for composable, trust minimized value.

  • Opolis cover imageOpolis logo


    A Digital Employment Cooperative for the Independent Worker | health benefits, shared services & payroll | #web3

  • ZKX cover imageZKX logo


    An upcoming permissionless protocol for derivatives. ZKX delivers complex trading strategies as simple perpetual swaps.

  • Spheron Protocol cover imageSpheron Protocol logo

    Spheron Protocol

    Your gateway to DeCloud! We are the simplest, fastest & most convenient way to deploy your web apps onto the Decentralized Cloud Network

  • Mirana logoMirana logo


  • Ethereum cover imageEthereum logo


    Ethereum is a technology that's home to digital money, global payments, and applications

  • Uniswap cover imageUniswap logo


    📍New York City

    The Uniswap Protocol is the largest decentralized trading and automated market making protocol (often called a DEX, “Decentralized Exchange”) on Ethereum.

  • 4Kommas cover image4Kommas logo


    📍LA (HQ), San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Remote

    Unlocking the full value of physical assets in Web3. Physical NFT Minting & Logistics for Marketplaces, Brands, dApps, & DeFi.

  • Electric Capital cover imageElectric Capital logo

    Electric Capital

    Electric Capital is an early stage venture firm focused on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, fintech, and marketplaces.

  • Kava Labs logoKava Labs logo

    Kava Labs