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MetaPrime is an exciting project in the crypto Metaverse space. We're a team of hardcore nerds building products, protocols and open source ecosystem for the emerging open metaverse.

The Metaverse sector is an exciting movement that brings together artists, creators, decentralized social media, internet communities, investors, open-source software developers, futurists and visionaries. MetaPrime's products consist of Blockchain tech, artwork marketplace, open-source software, social experience and crypto finance.

We're starting to build the core team and we are currently seeking a senior business and operations manager to join the team and work closely with the founders and advisors. This is a full time role. The successful candidate will work closely with the CEO and drive the business and operations across the organization.

### About MetaPrime:

MetaPrime is an ambitious project integrating multiple decentralized web infrastructure technologies: Storage, settlement, communication, compute, data indexing and more.  The team has a track record and domain expertise in the Substrate ecosystem with strong open source native approach. MetaPrime aims to establish foundational components that will serve the open metaverse and shape the future of immersive experience.

[MetaPrime]( family products include [KodaDot]( and [PermaFrost](

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