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The M.I.S. Blockchain is working on fast, hassle-free and cost-effective cross-network transactions within a single wallet or application without the need for constant network switching. Initially allowing the transfer of (UNIVERSAL NETWORK governance token) between the Binance Smart Chain mainnet , the Etherium (ETH) mainnet , POLYGON (MATIC) and Bitcoin network
M.I.S. Blockchain will be interoperable with other assets and integrate with other blockchains such as SOLANA in the second phase of development. TRON The M.I.S. development team is focused on creating the ultimate user experience and promoting blockchain interoperability.
M.I.S. ensures that users can quickly and cost-effectively move assets from one network to another with just a few clicks in one APP.

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UI / UX designer


Blockchain Community & Social Media Manager


Senior Solidity cross chain Developer BSC / ETH


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