We just closed our second investment round from some of the top VCs in the space to continue scaling our business to become the pillar of the Web3 economy. If you are an expert at technical b2b sales and keen on becoming a key player of a fast-growing innovation in Web3, you are in the right place!

What is is a VC-backed Web3 startup that uses Artificial Intelligence to value digital assets (NFTs), enabling NFT Finance, treasury management, and transparent accounting/auditing for Web3.

As digital assets are becoming standardized property records with smart contract functionality, we are fulfilling the fundamental need for a trusted, layer-3 valuation engine for NFTs, covering digital art, gaming, metaverse, IP, real-world assets, and more.

The Team

We are an experienced dynamic, ambitious and results-driven team looking for a like-minded individual to join Timur, a serial entrepreneur having exited 2 startups, Ricardo multi-CTO having been in banking for 13 years leading the exotic asset divisions of banks, and Diederik is a data scientist and astrophysicist with 15+ years of experience developing quantitative models and extracting information from noisy data sets.

We are based in London, UK, but we operate in a fully remote culture distributed all around the world. Its a dynamic environment that requires grit, flexibility, and proactivity and in which you have the opportunity to learn a lot about building a successful business as well as gaining deep technical product knowledge in Web3.

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