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Based is creating a centralized point to access all your relationships in Web3, alphas, and the NFT activity that matters most. Their goal is to build the definitive place for everyone in Web3 to have the conversations that matter most. They also have an NFT studio that's had two sold-out mints.

If you are looking for a well-funded, early stage Web3 startup where you can have a foundational role with deep engineering and architectural challenges - this role could be for you. As a part of the Executive Team, you'll be involved in every key decision made. You’ve scaled massively before and you’ll help us do it again- all while taking a balanced approach.

About us

We believe that Web3 unlocks a more enriching means for personal interactions and thus a Web3 company culture should as well. Central to our mission are the following values:

  • Human First mindset both in how we interact with one another and how we build for our users.
  • Collaboration and a willingness to embrace multiple perspectives and expertise to create something greater than the sum of our parts.
  • Integrity in our interactions with team members and choices we make on behalf of our users.
  • No ego in the pursuit of contributing to a shared goal of changing how the world communicates.
  • Curiosity - the ability to find opportunity and delight in the ambiguous.

We are a fully remote company and have been from the start. We have built several fully remote companies and know what it takes to build a great collaborative and asynchronous engineering culture. The key aspects are totally open and transparent company communications, frequent lunches where everyone just hangs out and regular in-person offsite meetings. The founders characterize the culture as “calm and thoughtful with a flexible approach to employee life outside the company.”

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