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Openbit is the ultimate cross-Bitcoin liquidity infrastructure built with industry-first De-TEE Network (Decentralized Trusted Execution Environment) and Zero-Knowledge Proof. It securely supports native assets including BTC, free-flowing liquidity across Bitcoin, L2s, Ethereum and other heterogenous blockchains. Powered by the secure and decentralized infrastructure, Openbit inheres a cross-Bitcoin liquidity layer with unparalleled interoperability and capital efficiency. As a liquidity pump, OpenBit serves as a cross-chain solution for Bitcoin ecosystem builders, cross-chain liquidity service for users, and a liquidity market of enhanced yield options for liquidity providers.

About the team:

OpenBit team consists of experts and experienced leaders in chain-level ecosystem and leading Defi protocols.Our tech team is led by tech guru, previous head of zkp in AntChain and spearheaded by an elite cadre of TEE and ZKP experts from top tech companies. The team has been at the forefront of privacy computing and blockchain security, pioneered a high-level ZKP framework that now sees millions of calls daily and contributed to over 80 patents.The team has strong educational roots from institutions like UC-Berkeley, the Chinese Academy of Science, and Tsinghua University.

Project Roadmap:

2024Q1: Seed round Fundraising. Testnet launch ready. Partnership building.

2024Q2: Testnet launch with cross-chain stable swap function. GTM starts, launching testnet Points System and Loyalty NFT Series.

2024Q3: Strategic round Fundraising. Mainnet launches with completed cross-chain stable and AMM swap. Ecosystem building.

2024Q4: Planned TGE and IDO. Enhanced infrastructure and liquidity market with deeper liquidity supporting a broader array of assets, including EVM and non-EVM chains.

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