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A bit about us When we started peaq we understood two core things, blockchain will change the world more profoundly than the Internet did, and it won’t happen overnight. At peaq, we're not afraid to think differently. The core values of the team are the core values of peaq, we are driven by this opportunity to make a global impact. We’ve taken a different approach to all aspects of blockchain for the machine economy. We chose a bold strategy, opting to use the technology to create value before using the technology to exchange value. The inverse of the status quo. ‍ We are realizing our vision for a new economy, a decentralized Economy of Things, by safely empowering machines to the benefit of society. We enable companies to build decentralized applications that enable machines to solve problems, save resources and support people. An economy in which trust is built into its foundations. A world in which people don’t fear machines - because they don’t have to.

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