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Persistence Labs is a team of 25+ highly motivated and skilled individuals working towards a common goal. Persistence Labs is a core contributor to the Persistence Core-1 chain and pSTAKE Finance. The team has a total of 4 functions across each product team - Engineering, Design, Marketing, and Business Development. In addition, Persistence Labs has a corporate team responsible for Legal, Compliance, Operations, and Finance.

We are a fully global team with people coming together from all parts of the world - Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.ย 

Members of the Persistence team have been early Cosmos community members and helped launch the Cosmos Hub in 2019. We have been early adopters of Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) and have had a stellar record of being at the forefront of innovation in Cosmos and beyond. The Persistence Labs team pioneered liquid staking in Cosmos, with pSTAKE being the first liquid staking solution built for Cosmos.

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