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Picante is a multi-party payments protocol that allows merchants and service providers to get paid quickly and at an extremely low cost. We work with quick-commerce, e-commerce and transport companies so that they can offer their customers the fastest and cheapest payouts possible, putting more money into everyone's pockets.

Our initial focus is on the tremendous opportunity in Southeast Asia, where the major economies are made up of 655 million people, nearly doubling that of the U.S. and with a GDP greater than the 6 largest economies in South America, combined. In emerging markets such as Thailand, it can take up to 6 weeks for merchants to get paid, while being charged up to 19% for payment processing. With Picante, this can now happen in seconds and will cost them less than 1% of each transaction. Picante is here to disrupt industries in Southeast Asia with a next generation payment protocol and native token. Come join us on our journey to become the largest player in the payment space and in the region.

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