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Dissatisfaction with existing social media networks has been growing exponentially, with rising concerns over data privacy, censorship, and the ability for creators to efficiently monetize their work, while behemoth platforms make billions from their users. It’s clear that the current social media ecosystem is unsustainable and in dire need of a total overhaul, but to date, no entity has been able to bring an equitable solution to market.

But there is a groundswell of change currently underway that’s fueled by the convergence of developments including the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, the explosion of DeFi, the growth of NFTs, and the innovative application of existing blockchain technologies. But technological innovation is not nearly sufficient to enable positive change, and needs to be coupled with truly transformative vision. 

Imagine if a platform enabled content creators to be paid fairly via the use of social tokens,earn income for each second of audio and video that’s streamed, and reward their communities in the process. What if creators could easily create their own tokens, and mint NFTs? And what if users could earn from their data insights, instead of the spoils going to the dominant social networks? And what if these crypto assets had utility within the platform itself, without needing to endlessly. bounce from platform to platform?

This is where Privi enters the picture, with the launch of its revolutionary decentralized social platform designed for creators--and their communities. Privi aims to dramatically and permanently transform the social landscape for the benefit of all stakeholders and lead the charge that finally heralds a new era of social engagement and monetization in Web 3.0. 

PRIVI is a decentralized social network that gives you the building blocks to create and customize your very own social and financial-based communities. We are creating a social network live you've never seen before.

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