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Your opportunity to work with a team of brilliant engineers developing world-changing technology is here—seize it!

Are you tired of boring corporate awareness training, pointless meetings, bloviating managers, and political games? At Pyrofex, we do things differently: we hire great engineers, give them the tools to do great things, and expect them to do so. We are invested in each team member’s growth and foster a workplace that celebrates accomplishments and hard work.

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About Us

Pyrofex Corporation is changing the blockchain game and quickly growing a world-class team to do it. As Utah Valley’s first cryptocurrency startup, founded in 2016 by ex-Googlers Mike Stay and Nash Foster, Pyrofex is busy creating next-generation blockchain platforms that are simple, secure, and always reliable. We take pride in our work. We set high expectations for everyone, from our founders to each team member, and as a result, we deliver extraordinary products and services.

At Pyrofex, we hire for strength, not for lack of weakness. We hire for capability and talent, not specific knowledge of a tool or language. We hire people who have a passion for quality and innovation. Each team member achieves great things in an environment supporting both independence and collaboration.

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