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**If you want to form part of the biggest financial revolution in history, Rand Labs might be the best place to do so.**

At Rand Labs we are building infrastructure products that form the rails of the future financial industry. From multisign wallet technologies to free and open APIs, we are creating the building blocks that will power the neo-banks, asset managers, DeFi protocols, and applications of the future post-bank era of finance.

**Try out some of our technologies:**

  • Create a Multisig Wallet
  • Pay or Login to an external website with your private keys/wallet
  • Advanced block explorer
  • And more


At Rand Labs we have decided to build the rails of the future of finance on top of Algorand’s blockchain. The Rand Labs founding team has plenty of experience building products on the most popular blockchains and are well aware of the merits of each. In our view, there is no doubt about the technological superiority of Algorand. Built by the authors of the technologies that today power a big part of the crypto industry, Algorand’s approach is unique: built from scratch for the long-term, without taking shortcuts. If we are to bet Rand Labs’s entire existence it is best to bet it on a network that will be as scalable, fast, and secure, in 10 years as it is today

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