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To put it simply. We are cryptocurrency enthusiasts just like you. A passion born in 2017, we are now lucky enough to work in the crypto space and be surrounded by people that care about it just as much as we do.

Recruitment has been an industry without change or evolution for years. That is until we came along. Satoshi Solutions challenges the perception of just what a recruitment agency can do. We also operate under the broader definition of a consultancy, tailoring our packages to each clients specific requirements, from aiding in strategy and growth plans with start-ups, to providing some of the biggest names in the industry with top talent, quicker than anyone else.

Everyday we continue to learn more about Crypto and its endless possibilities for the society we live in. We coupled an accomplished career in Recruitment with our curiosity for Blockchain to position ourselves as industry pioneers. Feeling we are fully equipped to enable crypto businesses to grow quickly and sustainably.

Satoshi Solutions operates without borders. With colleagues positioned around the world, speaking 4 languages, we are perfectly placed to assist you with your tailored requirements regardless of geographic or linguistic restrictions.

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