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Our client is on a mission to empower small & medium enterprises through the adoption of blockchain technology in the supply chain sector, enabling businesses to do businesses more securely and more efficiently than ever before.

Bringing blockchain and IoT together in order to provide a transparent record of manufacturing origin and sourcing as well as transporting and warehousing. By digitizing real world goods from its origin and tracking them throughout the entire supply chain until they reach the consumers, the platform eliminates counterfeit products and boosts consumers’ trust. Invoices and inventories can be tokenized on the platform and exchanged between investors and financial institutions around the world. Participants simply update their transactions on the ledger, while smart contracts will automate and reduce time for loan approvals, payment initiations and credit settlements. The Challenge

We are at an exciting stage in our growth. We are developing relationships with big customers, scaling out our business, and creating an overdue solution with complex implications for the supply chain sector Our partners systems will have to be recorded on the blockchain. We need to create a secure backbone between real world assets communicating between our blockchain API and nodes. Smart architecture design is crucial in order to guarantee our platform can scale and provide efficiency and security for businesses. We have very complex integrations with 3rd parties systems like Didi & Chinas 2nd largest e-commerce platform. These integrations are core to what we’re offering to the community We’re looking for someone who can lead the technology team of this project and enable our partners to contribute their data on blockchain. We need a visionary for a platform with fast transaction speeds and excellent encryption processes that are validated through a novel consensus system.

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