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Smith + Crown is dedicated to the study and design of cryptoeconomic systems, digital assets, and governance structures. For nearly a decade our team has been on the frontier of research in these fields, while working to actively explore practical applications of these insights with leading organizations from around the world. We are driven by a simple belief - that cryptoeconomics is civilization architecture - and that through our study and practice of this field of knowledge we can help maximize and amplify its positive impact.

We work with select teams to guide them through the process of designing and structuring the assets, governance and mechanisms that best reflect and capture the goals of their organization and its key systems. Additionally we publish research across a wide range of emerging areas in cryptoeconomics.

S+C’s research-focused internal culture is built around dual values of integrity and independence. We are looking for someone who is passionate about the hands-on design of cryptoeconomic systems, and efficiently communicating and discussing them with internal and external teams.  

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