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By now you’ve probably seen Facebook’s attempt at entering into the metaverse space.

Like many of you, we don’t think the metaverse should be owned by a corporate, much less one run by the guy who has ruined democracies worldwide.

We believe metaverses should be owned by the community that participates in them. The very people that make metaverses valuable in the first place.

In the future there will be many metaverses that fullfil different purposes. Whether that be for attending concerts, meeting up with friends, or playing games. 

One of those metaverses will be sports.

And that’s what we’re building at Serenity Technologies.

Our vision is to build the most expansive sports metaverse there is. One that brings together sports fans, gamers, athletes and supporters. One that is owned by the very community that participates within it.

The team behind Serenity are a group of successful entrepreneurs that have scaled startups previously and Triple A game developers who’ve shipped games you no doubt have heard of.

We’re now looking for a Community Manager to join us in this journey.

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