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Tally is small team with a big goal: reinventing the way people collaborate on the internet by building tools for DAOs.

Our tools help run decentralized organizations in Web3 and DeFi protocols like Uniswap, ENS and Gitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain. Tally is a product- and engineering-driven startup. We obsess about improving the user experience. To get there, we need to deeply understand the power and limitations of blockchain tech today, and where it's going over the next few years.

We have a culture of teaching and learning from each other. We welcome and value contributions to code, product and process from all members of our team.

Our team is fully remote. We’re based up and down the Americas from Buenos Aires to New York City. Instead of having offices, we have a budget for travel. We do both team retreats and go to big crypto conferences to meet other people in the space and to keep up with all the cool stuff people are doing.

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