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Earth DAO is building a new decentralized social network for Web3 that is open source, owned by its users, and good for reality on planet earth. We do this by avoiding the mistakes Web2 predecessors made, like keeping it free and open source, focusing the attention of the users on solving real world problems like climate change, and making it possible for users to own and monetize their own data.

If you are interested in building a better future for the human race on planet Earth, not escaping into the metaverse while AI domesticates us into cages, join us. We are hiring passionate and talented rust and full stack javascript engineers, as well as world class marketers to help make this happen.

We are remote friendly, offer a competitive salary and a portion of protocol revenue, plus a guardian NFT to help govern the social network of the future. Please leave your egos at the door, we ask that only people passionate about solving the social dilemma apply.

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