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DeepDAO’s mission is to provide comprehensive discoverability for the decentralized governance systems. DeepDAO provides comprehensive analytics and information gathering. The main dashboard product enumerates and ranks DAOs using several key metrics such as membership and assets under management (AUM). We are constantly expanding both coverage of DAOs and the metrics that quantify and measure the dynamics of governance processes in DAOs.

DeepDAO is covering both financial and governance data on 100+ top DAOs. Started with the five major platforms - Aragon, Moloch, DAOstack, OpenLaw and Colony that are all Ethereum or EVM networks DAOs (Ethereum or xDAI). DeepDAO is continuously expanding coverage to other chains and governance platforms as well.

DeepDAO data is being used by major research firms (Delphi Digital, Messari), journalists, VCs, protocol politicians and DAO enthusiasts across the ecosystem.

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