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The company is looking for candidate with expertise and deep knowledge of the crypto industry for the upcoming play-to-earn survival game on the Ethereum blockchain. Undeads is aimed to bring rich gameplay from traditional gaming to the crypto space.

The game starts in post-apocalyptic metaverse, where humans and zombies are always in conflict. Players can earn crypto for building, crafting, fighting or mining in-game resources, and enjoy wide range of income-producing mechanics. Our mission is to exceed the players' expectations and engage traditional gamers in play-to-earn gaming to achieve mass adoption of P2E.

More about the product:

  • Development is in progress since February 2022
  • Genre - Survival MMORPG
  • 2 development teams are working on the product (blockchain developers and game studio)
  • Web3.App and NFT collection will be live in Q4 2022
  • Current team size - 40+ people (and constantly growing)
  • Game design document of over 200 pages is ready
  • Whitepaper is ready
  • More information is available upon request

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