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Untagged is a technology business on a mission to revolutionise the fashion industry.

Fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry after oil, and accounts for 10% of global CO2 emissions. Over 9bn items of clothing are sitting in wardrobes hardly worn, whilst every second a truck-load of clothing goes to landfill, must of which could still be worn.

We want to get people to buy fewer clothes, through two key routes:

  1. Maximising the clothes we already own. The resale market is in rapid growth as consumers become more environmentally conscious, and the taboo associated with wearing secondhand clothes becomes a thing of the past. Whilst resale is just 7% of the size of retail at the moment, by 2029 it is predicted to be bigger than fast fashion.
  2. Wearing digital fashion in their online lives. The market for fashion NFTs is taking off and predicted to be worth $56bn by 2030.

Untagged is the first Web3 resale marketplace that uses tokenisation and gamification to make shopping for secondhand clothes fun, easy and rewarding. You can see our demo here.

We are in the process of launching our Web2 beta, and once we have tested the market are looking to move to a Web3 solution later this year, including the launch of our own token. We are now finalising our Seed investment round and looking to recruit a brilliant CTO who shares our vision and is excited by the opportunities this role brings.

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