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Innovate with a startup leading sustainability efforts and efficiencies across commodity supply chains using blockchain technology and smart contracts. 

You will be integral to the success of the project, determining the direction of the engineering team and ultimately the product vision.  As a first key hire, you will be working in concert with a diverse set of leaders that have industry experience and a robust supply chain network of interested prospects and investors. This position will manage and help recruit the core engineers to deliver key features to the project. 

Additionally, this position will require a strategic, technically minded approach to facilitate communication and collaboration between the core engineering team, the business development team, and external clients.  This role will be client facing and the go-to for all technical questions during external sales discussions and demos.  Opportunity for early-stage startup equity.


Engage With Our Ethos:

Efficiency | We decrease the complexity of transactions, reduce costs, increase transparency and quicken the speed of information spread.

Trust | We uphold our ongoing commitment to protect privacy, strengthen cybersecurity, maintain our network deployments and enhance end-to-end trust.

Humanity | We believe talented, dedicated team members are greatly valued. We partner with leadership to redeploy, upskill and train talent within organizations.

Sustainability | We seek to avoid PoW consensus algorithms and lead innovation in the most relevant technologies to reduce both our own and our partners' carbon footprints.

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