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Our promise.

Vybera was founded to make the full power of Crypto accessible to as many people as possible. Our intuitive interface, powerful functionality, and secure platform means anybody can be a part of the future of finance. That means you, too.

Vybera is for everyone.

Offering a simple and clear designed interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Making it super accessible so that everyone can enjoy access to the Vybera ecosystem.

Full-on functionality.

We’ve packed flexibility and functionality into the Vybera ecosystem. Vybera supports thousands of crypto currency coins and tokens, and you can even store and interact with NFTs. Everything in one place, to make your life simpler and easier.

Something to trust.

We’ve worked hard to make our simple and easy-to-use interface as secure as it can be. As a truly non-custodial wallet with no central server architecture, you and your financial data are in your full control.

Our Team

Vybera is the brain-child of a team of talented and experienced blockchain specialists, data scientists, developers, and UX designers who dream big and work bigger. Together, we are bringing the world one step closer to the new age of crypto through one unified, integrated and intuitive platform for crypto enthusiasts.

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