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  • Autowhale logoAutowhale logo


    📍Vienna, Austria

  • Crypto Jobs List cover imageCrypto Jobs List logo

    Crypto Jobs List

    Best place to find and post blockchain, web3 and crypto jobs.

  • Parity Technologies cover imageParity Technologies logo

    Parity Technologies

    📍London, UK

    Blockchain Infrastructure for the Decentralised Web

  • prePO cover imageprePO logo


    The decentralized pre-IPO & pre-token trading platform.

  • P2P cover imageP2P logo

    P2P launched in 2018 with a mission to positively influence the development of PoS technologies.

  • Ambire cover imageAmbire logo


    The Web3 wallet that speaks human

  • Dx Sale cover imageDx Sale logo

    Dx Sale

    The #1 Leading Decentralized Launchpad and Token Services Protocol

  • Deu Labs logoDeu Labs logo

    Deu Labs

  • Autonomy Network cover imageAutonomy Network logo

    Autonomy Network

    The future of automation is here.

  • CloudMalwareAnalysis logoCloudMalwareAnalysis logo



  • Revest Finance cover imageRevest Finance logo

    Revest Finance

    Builders of the Revest Protocol, an open-state platform for trustless transfers of locked value

  • Web3Auth cover imageWeb3Auth logo



    Simple self-custodial auth infra for Web3 appsapps and wallets

  • KodaDot logoKodaDot logo


    Building open metaverse toolbox

  • Matter Labs logoMatter Labs logo

    Matter Labs

    Rely on math, not validators

  • CoinTracker cover imageCoinTracker logo


    📍San Francisco

    The gold standard in crypto portfolio tracking and taxes. Increasing the world's financial freedom and prosperity.

  • Blockswap network cover imageBlockswap network logo

    Blockswap network

    An ecosystem for end users and web3 developers to access and create protocols which utilize multichain assets.

  • PlayToEarn cover imagePlayToEarn logo


    Web3 Gaming Data Aggregator

  • SubQuery cover imageSubQuery logo


    Let’s shape the future of web3, together.

  • Filebase cover imageFilebase logo


    S3 Compatible Object Storage Powered by Web3

  • Karma logoKarma logo


    Reputation system for DAO contributors

  • Talent Protocol cover imageTalent Protocol logo

    Talent Protocol

    The web3 professional network where anyone can discover and invest in high-potential talent.

  • Advanced Blockchain AG cover imageAdvanced Blockchain AG logo

    Advanced Blockchain AG

    Transformational blockchain ecosystem developer

  • Connext cover imageConnext logo


    Connext powers fast, secure bridging between blockchains and rollups for composable, trust minimized value.

  • Opolis cover imageOpolis logo


    A Digital Employment Cooperative for the Independent Worker | health benefits, shared services & payroll | #web3

  • Decubate cover imageDecubate logo


    We empower crypto projects to launch a token without any technical know-how

  • Spheron Protocol cover imageSpheron Protocol logo

    Spheron Protocol

    Your gateway to DeCloud! We are the simplest, fastest & most convenient way to deploy your web apps onto the Decentralized Cloud Network

  • Solana FM cover imageSolana FM logo

    Solana FM

    Bridging the gaps of data accessibility via our indexer, APIs analytics and explorer tools built on Solana.

  • IOV Labs logoIOV Labs logo

    IOV Labs

  • Electric Capital cover imageElectric Capital logo

    Electric Capital

    Electric Capital is an early stage venture firm focused on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, fintech, and marketplaces.