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XQUI (Exquisite) is a community-based Private Investment NFT DAO. We are a community of crypto investors, project founders, researchers, DeFi and NFT analysts, crypto traders, gem hunters, degens, and more. Our mission is to unite crypto to move towards the real Web3 vision. Ultimately, we are building a friendly ecosystem of crypto experts in an eco-friendly manner — we plan to share knowledge and experience while entering the new stages of the crypto market. Our community of any NFT holders has exclusive access to:

  • Gain private club access. XQUI community is a private club: access is only granted to NFT holders. Membership in the XQUI community, with a strong network of founders and investors in DeFi, NFT and web3.
  • A professional team of experts. All XQUI holders maintain exclusive access to crypto research, conducted by XQUI's best analysts. Members, in this way, receive leading industry analysis and insight through masterclasses, bespoke research papers, AMAs and NFT whitelist, and private investment opportunities
  • Exclusive content. AMA sessions with crypto-known experts in their fields, covering areas such as Crypto, Blockchains, NFTs, and DeFi
  • Community events. Informative XQUI Web3 conference/workshops, insightful mastermind sessions, exciting poker games, as well as calming yoga and meditation events
  • Access to the XQUI DAO. All holders can get access to private investments through XQUI DAO NFT (XQUI Private, XQUI DeFi, XQUI Metaverse), where the fund will be distributed by DAO voting. 

We are looking for a great NFT research analyst to join our team on a permanent basis to provide comprehensive research to the XQUI community.

Our goal in doing research is to provide clear and simple materials for the community so that the user can quickly make a decision on how to act.

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