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We are changing the way NFT stories are told 👹

Our mission is to create not just “one of those PFP projects”, but an entire holistic interactive experience for the community here. Where members will get to be a part of the storyline we are crafting, and impact how the project evolves. Where the project is the link between legends from the past and the cyberpunk future. Where NFT technology is just one of the tools we’ve got in our arsenal to craft an immersive experience for holders.   On the art side, we are led by famous female anime and illustrations artists from APAC, who were creating for EA and Ubisoft and worked on such notable sagas as Assassin's Creed Bortherhood / III / Black Flag / Valhalla, FarCry 4, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Lion King Movie (2019).   On the utility side, the project is powered by DeFi lunatics, who prior to Crypto had built a career in Fortune 500 companies, ran digital agencies and created impressive stuff.

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