Berlin-Beijing Twin Cities Phygital Pride After-Party at MotionLab.Berlin

Berlin-Beijing Twin Cities Phygital Pride After-Party at MotionLab.Berlin

06:00PM - 04:00AM
July 21, 2023 - July 22, 2023

MotionLab.Berlin Bouchéstraße 12 Halle 20 12435 Berlin Germany

Choice - an LGBTQIA+ friendly community in metaverse that advocates for diversity and inclusion - and MotionLab.Berlin - the city's premier innovation hub, co-working zone, and maker space - invite you to join a groundbreaking event that will ignite your senses and transcend the boundaries of time and space.

Introducing the most exhilarating and revolutionary concept in Berlin Pride history. A dual physical and digital extravaganza for the LGBTQ+ community: Pride in the metaverse and the real world, with inspirational speeches, art, music, and cultural exchange happening both in-person and online. This groundbreaking event will take you on an unforgettable journey where vibrant reality meets infinite possibility.

But that's not all. Combining Berlin with one of its twin cities - Beijing - you'll learn that even in wildly different countries with polar-opposite cultural differences, we're all part of one global society, yet individually unique.


  • All human beings
  • Diversity & inclusion advocates and corporates
  • WEB3.0 founders, builders and creators
  • WEB3.0 community builders
  • Curious about WEB3.0 explosion


19:00 - Gathering & welcome

19:30 - Opening by Choice and Intro to Global Digital Pride

19:40 - MotionLab.Berlin Intro

19:50 - Panel around LGBTQIA+ rights in Germany & China

20:15 - Break

20:30 - Impact investing with Dajana Eder from Wom3n.DAO

20:50 - Immersive Art exhibition & Artists talks

21:30 - Live DJ sets until morning : Tini Weng - Queerbump - Yankey - Adamar


Inclusive vibes, learning playground, drinks, art, music, and dance.

Metabrew society’s Drink with Pride beer, created especially for Choice and Global Digital Pride, will be provided for all attendees.

And the immersive WebAR Art Exhibition lets you dive into and experience a variety of disciplines such as fashion, dance performance, literature, entertainment, audio-visual performance, AI-reinforced videos, photography, 3D animation, video art, contemporary art, movies, and crypto art with curation and artist management by Turboslow NFT Agency, powered by There will be ten NFT artworks from international NFT artists that focus on metaverse, digital art and future technologies showing the oneness and unity of gender equality in the world by describing the divine proportion of the essential beauty.

🎊 Inspiring speakers, world-class artists, and more 🏳️‍🌈

Ksenia Stark

CSO & Founder of Choice, COO & Founder MD X, a Web3-native entrepreneur, interim CMO, growth consultant, & digital strategist that advocates for sustainable future of media consumption and diversity & inclusion

Stewart Rogers

CEO and co-founder at the Digital Mental Health Alliance, Editor-in-Chief at Dataconomy Media, Managing Editor at Grit Daily, MC at VentureBeat, public speaker, musician, and "digital nomad."

Roy Rao

Roy is a builder sharing stories on entrepreneurship and community. He is a founder of and hosts Podcast.

Dajana Eder

As founder of wom3n.DAO – FEMALE FOUNDERs & INVESTORs CIRCLE, her work in diversity and inclusion was awarded with the DIGITAL FEMALE LEADERS AWARD in IT-Tech in 2022 by Tijen Onaran and Global Digital Women and the 25 Zukunftsmacherinnen by Business Insider Germany.


Nikita Khudiakov

Multidisciplinary artist, educator and cultural manager based in Berlin mainly working with XR, AV and generative art. Managing VR art festivals, developing art communities (XR Art Ukraine and CryptoArt Ukraine), building virtual galleries in the metaverse. Virtual experience Metacouncil was presented at Ars Electronica 2020 (In Kepler’s Gardens). Teaching XR art at Karazin University in Kharkiv, managing and participating in audio-visual jam sessions with electronic music and visual art, curating online exhibitions. Head of NGO “Art optimists”

Stacie Ant

A digital artist known for her innovative use of new technologies in her art, including AR, metaverse, and 3D animation. Her work is characterized by its humorous and satirical approach to social commentary on the fast-paced digital lifestyle of the modern world, as well as its exploration of digital worlds and beings that can only exist in the virtual realm. In recent years, Ant has collaborated with major fashion brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Adrianna Hot Couture, and her personal work has been exhibited internationally at prestigious events including Miami Art Basel, Kraftwerk Berlin, Milan Fashion Week, Nxt Museum, and South by South West.

Turboslow Agency

Turboslow Web3 Agency based in Brussels, Belgium is an award winning creative platform for Digital - Crypto Artists, NFT Collectors, Art Galleries, Metaverse and Brands with diverse perspective in new media industry. Turboslow creates digital media projects, connected with Web 3.0, Blockchain, NFT, VR, AR and XR. They love digital as well as the real world by developing different project ideas in the Web3 field. As a Web3 & NFT agency, they scout new talented artists to give them the opportunity to find their path much easier in the NFT market by providing supervision, management and curation.

Tini Weng

A DJ and ballet dancer based in Berlin. She expressed her love for music in classical ballet for years until she started to move on with Chicago house tunes some years ago when she played in different techno clubs in Berlin and for different streaming platforms.

Her evolution, however, began in 2018 when she and three friends started a new free spirit party called Private Parts! She also became a resident of the Genderlich family and World Peace Berlin. Since 2022 she is one of the Label Managers of Queerbumb.

During that time she became a huge Fan playing a variety of sounds from chicago house, techno, bounce to acid – calling her style power house - techno - acid and delivering the needed energy in her sets!