BOS Academy Workshop 7/20

BOS Academy Workshop 7/20

06:30PM - 09:00PM
July 20, 2023

Republic Crypto Office 149 Fifth Avenue, 10th Floor New York, NY 11201 United States

If you’re a developer keen on developing your skills on the blockchain, it can be hard to find reusable components because they are scattered across many different silos only accessible through centralized platforms like GitHub.

With the Blockchain Operating System (BOS), you can create scalable applications and discover opportunities to build composable multi-chain solutions.

We want you to truly leverage the power of blockchain and smart contracts, and with the launch of the virtual BOS Academy, we are providing these IRL review sessions to consolidate learning.

This workshop will be going over the corresponding material covered in the virtual session and is an opportunity for collaborative learning.

It is recommended to assist the virtual session prior. Cheeck for the review material

List of resources:

BOS Academy-

About BOS:

Other learning material:

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