Metaverse Leadership Speed Networking

Metaverse Leadership Speed Networking

02:00PM - 03:30PM
July 28, 2023

日本桥 Japan 中央区, 东京都 103-0027 Japan

The event start at 10:00pm HongKong Time (Time Zone: GMT+8)

What is the "Metaverse Leadership Speed Networking" event ?

The goal of the "Metaverse Leadership Speed Networking" event is to provide a platform for leaders in the Metaverse space to come together, share their experiences, and discuss key issues related to the development of the Metaverse.

Through the event, participants can build relationships and connect with others who have similar interests and goals. By exchanging ideas and best practices, leaders can also learn from each other and explore new ways to address complex challenges and opportunities that arise in the Metaverse.

This event can provide valuable opportunities for exchanging leadership experiences in the rapidly evolving field of the Metaverse, and for staying at the forefront of its developments.