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Senior Python & Rust blockchain engineer

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Jun 21

We are building the blockchain to be integrated with regular off-chain video games. TRAIT allows to create games that use NFTs and fungible tokens without getting deep into blockchain tech. Low costs and short integration time, easy to use tools and a superb mobile wallet make TRAIT an ideal way to enrich video games with transferable items. We aim that in 3 years every 10th new game in the AppStore / PlayMarket will be integrated with the blockchain.

We are building a complex blockchain solution for gaming industry. It will be a blockchain, allowing fast integration with the regular video games, and providing plug&play tokens to represent game assets.

As a part of the product we developed the blockchain indexer. It's a backend service that fetches blockchain data (such as blocks, transactions, transfers etc.), stores data in MongoDB and provides it via RestAPI. The service works well and meets the main success scenarios.

Solution is quite complex and uses the wide stack: Substrate blockchain and corresponding python tooling, python apps, MongoDB, FastApi for API service. Understanding the code requires deep knowledge in all these areas, including knowledge of Rust and reading the code of blockchain node.

We have big plans on extending and improving the indexer. In this role you will be implementing new features and improving existing ones using Python 3.12. The role requires the deep dive into the subject matter and the passion of working with low-level code.


  • Python: expert level;
  • Rust: intermediate level;
  • Blockchain: experience with the blockchain tech as an engineer;
  • MongoDB: at least several successful projects with this DB;
  • Substrate blockchain: would be a big plus;
  • FastApi & Pydantic: would be a big plus;

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