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Floating Point Group is a seed-stage MIT-born startup accelerating the growth of digital currency trading, backed by a broad, global group of investors including tech VCs, financial institutions, and AngelList's Naval Ravikant. We offer a consolidated, regulated API for advanced order execution, and real-time market data that's used by some of the largest and highest performing quantitative traders in the digital currency space. Our API leverages partner settlement networks enabling fast and performant order execution that can happen partly or entirely from cold-storage. We work with quantitative funds and asset managers to improve their trade execution, market impact, and reduce development cost.

While that might sound complex, rest assured: we don't take ourselves too seriously. Come join a culture that's focused on growth: of ourselves as people, on our expanding customer base, and our burgeoning snack budget. We take pride in our ability to find smart, humble people with the passion and drive to build something magnificent, together.

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