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👋 Hi! We’re a team coming out of Stanford, Palantir, and Google, funded by Founders Fund Angel, Stanford-StartX, and BlockTower Capital, building a platform to tokenize the $256 trillion worth of real-world assets.

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Company Culture

The economic benefits of what you build with us at TrustToken will be far-reaching. For creators and entrepreneurs, we can help offer equity crowdfunding to a global audience. For people who own assets that are difficult to trade (such as real estate, IP, or art), we can enable liquidity and fractional ownership for those assets. For investors, we can enable access to investing opportunities for new asset classes around the world.

From a technical perspective, we can give real-world assets the benefits currently held by digital assets: low transaction costs, shared ownership, and programmatic control. For further reference on how the protocol works, please visit our blog:

We have 6 core values:

  • Trust & Truth (TT) - what to serve
  • Data-based Decisions (DD) - how to decide
  • Conscious Collaboration (CC) - how to collaborate
  • Renaissance Ambition (RA) - how to show up
  • Getting Things Done (GTD) - how to execute
  • Make Good Things Easy (MGTE) - how to improve


We consider the following questions when we hire, promote, award, and let go teammates.

Organizational Values

Represent trustworthiness and truth?

  • Speak their truth?
  • Own and grow their Areas of Responsibilities?
  • Maintain and increase their KPIs?
  • Keep and negotiate their impeccable agreements?
  • Communicate clear goal paths?
  • Take 100% responsibility?
  • Deliberate, prioritize, and succeed when taking on additional commitments?
  • Recognize and address their unconscious influence and results?

Demonstrate conscious collaboration?

  • Demonstrate courage and consideration?
  • Seek first to understand?
  • Look for win/win agreements?
  • Recognize if they’re above or below the line?
  • Pay attention to context and content?
  • Ask for help when necessary?
  • Clear issues and not hold resentment or ill will?
  • Liberally give appreciation and gratitude?
  • Create API communication endpoints with teammates?

Show up with renaissance ambition?

  • Hunger, thirst, and aspire for self-improvement and achievement?
  • Demonstrate ambition for progress and goals?
  • Care about and grow in self awareness?
  • Invest in their teammate’s growth?
  • Take ownership over their and TrustToken's evolution?
  • Contribute to personal and organizational revival and recreation?
  • Separate identity from ideas and consider others’ perspectives well?
  • Care about building community?
  • Readily identify their own mistakes and take action to correct?
  • Seem willing to change their opinions and beliefs?

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