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Blockchain Community & Social Media Manager

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The M.I.S. Blockchain is working on fast, hassle-free and cost-effective cross-network transactions within a single wallet or application without the need for constant network switching. Initially allowing the transfer of (UNIVERSAL NETWORK governance token) between the Binance Smart Chain mainnet , the Etherium (ETH) mainnet , POLYGON (MATIC) and Bitcoin network
M.I.S. Blockchain will be interoperable with other assets and integrate with other blockchains such as SOLANA in the second phase of development. TRON The M.I.S. development team is focused on creating the ultimate user experience and promoting blockchain interoperability.
M.I.S. ensures that users can quickly and cost-effectively move assets from one network to another with just a few clicks in one APP.

Job Description

The role

Our perfect candidate has experience in community building, excellent communication and research skills, perfect English, a genuine self-starter with a knowledge and passion for blockchain technology.

You will work alongside with the CEO/CTO to edit technical content into blog posts for the broader community.

We want to meet you if you’re also passionate about your work and an open and outgoing person.

What you will do

60% of your time will be dedicated to Community Management and 40% to Content Creation. You will:

  • Build and execute a strategy to grow our community from sctratch (AMAs, polls, giveaways, influencers, etc.).
  • Research, create and publish social media content, including technical blog posts, strategic blog posts and announcements for partnerships.
  • Manage and moderate our communities across our channels, including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit
  • Reinforce our community guidelines for users, manage individual user situations, track and report metrics, monitor competition, etc.
  • Use social media to drive awareness and traffic to our website and channels.
  • Launch influencers and third party communities activation activities such as AMAs competitions etc.

What you bring

  • 3+ years experience in community management, research, marketing and copywriting
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Ability to collaborate while also working independently
  • Result-oriented with the ability to multitask and deliver on short deadlines
  • Passion for blockchain and crypto.

Nice to have

  • Content portfolio
  • DeFi experience


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Posted on September 01, 2021

Apply for Blockchain Community & Social Media Manager at Mining Industrial Systems Blockchain

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