Blockchain Product Manager(GAMEFI)

Genesis Universe is a metaverse exploration game based on the ancient mythologies, the explorations and the struggles in the new world by ancient mythical characters from all over the world, made possible with Binance Smart Chain (BSC). You will have to select a faction to play the game. By offering the NPC in the faction proper materials, the NPC will spawn a hero that adapts to the new world and battles. The Hero Card NFT and tokens obtained will be deposited to Wallet as on-chain assets.

The Genesis Universe game is independently developed and produced by the blockchain company Superchain. Superchain focuses on technology research and development, applications and services in the field of blockchain. The team includes not only blockchain experts from well-known IT companies, but also product and technical experts from well-known Internet financial platforms.

Job Description

  1. Participate in the planning and design of core blockchain financial products, promote product iteration, keenly grasp the direction of the blockchain industry, complete financial product operations, demand analysis and product design, track product development, launch and feedback testing, and coordinate and organize all parties resources to ensure product realization and delivery
  2. Responsible for product prototype design and product detailed document writing, docking with the technical team, leading the promotion and acceptance of functions, promoting product launch, and cooperating with relevant departments such as operations and business
  3. Discover innovative financial product models through research and data analysis be responsible for financial product research and analysis and ecological product development planning, and design platform financial product models
  4. Conduct research and analysis on the industry, target customers and competitive environment, and conduct product strategy research
  5. Through user insight and data analysis, optimize products, drive operation and promotion, and help marketing
  6. Combining the company's business and industry development, explore new products with innovative consciousness.

Job Requirements:

  1. More than two years experience in blockchain products, and relevant experience in financial product design
  2. Have relevant working experience in stocks, futures, and exchanges, be familiar with the structure and rules of various trading, wealth management, and asset management products, and be able to provide professional support for Internet product design and docking
  3. Possess financial and blockchain industry knowledge, good English, and strong interest in blockchain finance
  4. Excellent expressive ability and cooperation spirit, good personal conduct and teamwork spirit, able to withstand greater work pressure, and able to work for a long time
  5. Entrepreneurial passion, strong sense of responsibility, strong interest and enthusiasm for blockchain economy, fluent English communication is preferred.

Fluent in mandarin and English, willing to work onsite.

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2,000 - 5,000 USD / month
20 Applications