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The average Full Time salary is $12,950 per year.
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$XXX,000Full time Marketing Salarya month ago at 9:38 am

🛠️ Skills: Google Adwords, Google analytics, copywriting, web design
🕑 1 years at the company
⏳ 3 years of experience
📍 cape town / Remote Cape Town, South Africa↑ Based on GeoIP. May not be accurate if submited via VPN.
✍️ My education started at the DSK also known as the german school of cape town, where i finished my IEB matric, I then took a gap year to europe to meet new people and expand my connections around the world. After my Gap year i started an intensive internship at Digital fox, a well known marketing agency in South Africa, where i learned how to set up campaigns on multiple different platforms, ranging from display ads, shopping ads and search ads. I was also trained to put together informative marketing reports for clients, to display results and where there is headway to be made. I then took a break from marketing and did a barista course, to round out my people skills, this led to me working 8 months for Truth Coffee. I then moved on and started to gain marketing clients, 12Steps.io being one of the first, a 12 Step Recovery App aimed at addicts in recovery, I used mainly Meta marketing for this, as Google blocks ads related to addiction. During my journey with 12Steps.io i took on an internship at a Financial service Provider working in the blockchain space, this is where my real journey started, I learnt a lot about the crypto, DeFi, blockchain and NFT space. This is where i started to thrive as i was working in a field that was new and innovative, I had to find loopholes in marketing regulations in the finance space, which wasnt easy but i got it done. I helped bring the company from 50 Linked Followers to over 1.2k within a time span of only 4 months. So until now i have been fully employed by Fivewest OTC Desk in cape town, but i believe remote work is the way forward as i have been dabling deep into defi and crypto which i find is easier to focus on when i can schedule my days accordingly.

$XXX,000Full Time Salarya month ago at 8:49 am

🛠️ Skills: operations
🕑 2 years at the company
⏳ 6 years of experience
📍 lagos, nigeria Surulere, Nigeria↑ Based on GeoIP. May not be accurate if submited via VPN.

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