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Event Manager

The Vision

The Virtual Society Foundation's (the “Foundation”) purpose is to foster a new digital economy focused around the Metaverse.  

The “metaverse” is best defined as a network of meaningful worlds, objects, identities and experiences that build on each other and the real world in ways that create economic value or provide fulfilling experiences. This network will unleash innovative businesses offering sophisticated digital assets, creating new jobs and expanding human opportunity. 

However, all this potential remains largely unrealized due to technical, experiential, and accessibility challenges. In addition, the absence of a functioning technological and economic system that allows builders and creators to support one another's work means we are stuck with either very open and decentralized but non-functional metaverse frameworks that major companies can’t use or popular but fundamentally closed UGC gaming platforms with limited freedom to build major businesses on top of them. A fully realized practical metaverse ecosystem is a network of many actors, all with their own needs and interests, all of whom have to be able to credibly build real businesses. 

network of many actors, all with their own needs and interests, all of whom have to be able to credibly build real businesses. 

Your Mission 

Somnia.network is seeking a seasoned Event Manager, responsible for driving strategic event initiatives, managing relationships with key contributors, and planning impactful events at both major conferences and localized events. Your primary focus will be planning and executing growth-focused events that resonate with our community and attract new audiences. Your goal is to contribute to the growth and development of a thriving ecosystem within Somnia.network.


Strategic Event Initiatives:

  • Develop and execute event-focused campaigns to drive user acquisition and engagement.
  • Identify and leverage key channels for targeted advertising to maximize reach and impact.
  • Manage logistics for a range of events, from major conferences to localized launches.

Contributor Relationship Management:

  • Cultivate and manage relationships with key contributors in various projects.
  • Collaborate with contributors to amplify Somnia.network's message and increase brand visibility by cohosting events.

Marketing Events:

  • Plan and execute impactful marketing events to enhance Somnia.network's presence in various markets in a timely manner
  • Coordinate logistics, partnerships, and promotional activities for successful event execution.
  • Manage merchandise for each event in collaboration with our design team and respective vendors.


  • Stay abreast of emerging trends in event planning and digital marketing.
  • Introduce and implement innovative event strategies to attract new audiences.

Team Collaboration & Project management:

  • Work closely with design teams, product managers, and other stakeholders to ensure the delivery of world-class events.
  • Effectively manage and communicate with outsource partners, ensuring quality and timeliness.


  • Minimum of 2 years of professional experience in event management or related roles.
  • Proven track record of successfully driving event initiatives and user engagement.
  • Experience in managing relationships with key contributors and executing marketing events.
  • Strong analytical and strategic thinking skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

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