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POSTED Sep 24, 2018

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Jay Jun Jie, Omnilytics Platform
Jay Jun Jie Sep 24, 2018
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at Omnilytics Platform

Active 8 months ago

Omnilytics is a market intelligence company, providing real-time data and competitor analysis across multiple industries worldwide. This helps them make buying and stocking decisions in the most effective and efficient manner, increasing their sales margins and optimising assortments for revenue & profit. Omnilytics is used by global Fortune 500 companies.

With insights from over 100 million product SKUs across more than 15,000 brands and retailers, Omnilytics allows you to analyse your market & competitor’s offerings by Assortment, Price, Discount, Category, Colour, Size, Options and Strategy so you never miss out on profitable opportunities anymore.

Job Description

We’re looking for a full-stack engineer with demonstrable experience building smart contracts in the Ethereum development environment. We’re looking for a quick learner with a deep interest in decentralized & distributed technologies to join a highly technical team and assist in the architecture and development of the Omnilytics Platform.You will fit right in to our team if you posses the following traits:

Technical excellence - You possess good engineering skills and an eye for clean, maintainable code. To you, engineering is not just coding; it involves wisdom, drive, collaboration, and methodology. There are few who view engineering as a tool—means to an end. But you view engineering as an art form in itself. You are constantly improving your craft. You take pride in your work. You write code for other humans to read (it just happens to be executable by machines!). Engineering is for the most part a conscious effort, not mere trial and error.
Problem solving mindset - You eat challenges for breakfast. You believe that problems are made to be solved and not avoided. Often you will try many different ways instead of giving up when presented with obstacles. If you have a reputation for being a defeatist or throws the first excuse that comes in mind when presented with a challenge, this role is not for you.
Strong aptitude to learn - You will be required to learn a lot of new things. If you are aware that change makes you uncomfortable, do reconsider your career choice in technology. Technology is fast paced, fun and we have access to the latest know-hows in the industry. Here at Omnilytics, you will be part of a team that continues to learn and grow in both industry knowledge and technical skills.

As our Full Stack Developer, your responsibilities will include:

Build smart contracts in the Ethereum development environment
Assist in the architecture and development of the Omnilytics Platform


  • At least years of software development experience
  • Demonstrably strong experience with Python, JavaScript
  • Deep knowledge of the underlying mechanics that secure blockchains
  • High-bandwidth communication skills
  • A passion for decentralized technologies and the blockchain ecosystem
  • (Good to have) Expertise in Solidity, Smart Contract development
  • (Nice-to-have) Familiarity with React web development

Salary range

MYR 80 - 160 K

This job has expired

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